.M.i.n.u.t.E. To .D.e.c.a.Y. (xxtristianxx) wrote,
.M.i.n.u.t.E. To .D.e.c.a.Y.

Katie and the other so called "fatbitches" are my friends now. I like them. I take back ALL the mean things I said about them. and their names are Shana, BJ, and Tara!

anyways. I have a bookreport and a research paper to do. I really dread doing them. I need a LJ code so I can make my journal friends only. Then I am going to need a pretty banner to go with it!

Fuck. I swear to Bob! I just bit off my fucking nail again! its never going to grow right. *sigh*

For my birthday, I MAY(most likely) get to go to the A Perfect Circle concert in P-Cola! Hell yeah! Best effin birthday present ever!!

Ok Im going. so L8er!
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