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1) Last cigarette: NEVER!!!!
2) Last car ride: today
3) Last kiss: today after school :)
4) Last good cry: last weekend
5) Last Library Book Checked Out: about in 8th grade
6) Last movie seen: PPG
7) Last Book: Freddy VS Jason
8) Last cuss word uttered: shit
9) Last beverage drank: sweeeeeet tea
10) Last Food consumed: poptarts
11) Last Crush: JP
12) Last phone call: JP
13) Last TV show watched: Hey Arnold!
14) Last Item Bought: PPG shirt
15) Last time showered: Today!
16) Last shoes worn: My Keds!
17) Last CD played: Evanescence
18) Last downloaded: My Ruin- Beauty Fiend
19) Last annoyance: BOOK REPORT!!!
20) Last disappointment: yesterday
21) Last soda drank: Dr. Pepper at lunch
22) Last thing written: 288
23) Last key used: 8
24) Last word spoken: me
25) Last trip to the bathroom: Bout an hour ago
26) Last sleep: last night
30) Last weird encounter: today with Cody
32) Last ice cream eaten: hm... I dont know
34) Last time wanting to die: NEVER
35) Last time in love: Right now :)
36) Last time hugged: today
37) Last time scolded: Not in a while
38) Last time resentful: hmm.. its been awhile
39) Last chair sat in: computer chair
43) Last shirt worn: PPG
44) Last class attended: Drama I (Mr. Willis is sooooooo awesome)
45) Last Final taken: well TOMORROW!!! Math... :(
46) Last time dancing: not to long ago
47) Last poster looked at: APC
48) Last show attended: the halftime show about a week ago
49) Last webpage visited: www.google.com
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